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Samvarz store and accounting software

Eight advantages of web-based e-commerce software

Choosing the right store software for any business can be one of the most important issues in business, regardless of whether you have an old store or have opened a store, and regardless of whether your store is a small or small business. Or a large chain store, again choosing store software and mechanizing your store is the most important and main thing to do. Many business owners are thinking of finding solutions to equip themselves with web-based store software that can provide comprehensive services based on barcode tags. In this article, we will examine whether web-based software and barcodes can help your business or not?

 Fast, easy and cheaper installation

Some software stores make the user feel uncomfortable in each stage of use, complex and time-consuming steps of software installation that without proper installation guide is associated with trial and error of the user and wastes many minutes and requires frequent calls. It is with the software support center to be able to perform this simple operation and complete it. Of course, this is without considering the cost of several million tomans to buy store cash registers. Web-based store software, on the other hand, is very easy to install. In fact, the poses that are provided with the store software have the software installed and there is no need to reinstall the software.

In addition, web-based store software allows you to use networked features in such a way that automatic software updates, daily and continuous backup automatically, give users more time than Use it to run business related affairs.

Web-based e-commerce software is significantly cheaper than traditional cash registers. Almost any computer connected to the high-speed Internet can be used to work with web-based store software, which in itself saves a lot compared to traditional systems that require expensive cash registers. In addition, there is no need for backup software, hard disk backup and expensive server computers.

Improve cash payments

In any standard system Your store cash registers are required to pay in cash and invest in the provision of their collection hardware and software, which is either paid in cash or in the form of leasing, which in fact requires a much higher amount to be paid in installments and interest. .But web-based store software comes with a monthly charge, which is very small compared to traditional store cash registers, which includes software upgrades and technical support, all of which are free.

Advanced warehouse (inventory) management

With a web-based store software, you can see your inventory in real time at any time, unlike many traditional systems, which are updated daily or hourly. You can instantly see what items are in the customer’s hand, in transit, or in the process of being registered and ordered. You can quickly and easily decide which goods need to be re-ordered, which can help you control your costs and not over-register your order.

Also, if your business is multi-branch and in different places in a city or different cities or even different countries, you can check the inventory of each of your stores at the moment. This allows you to make the necessary changes instead of giving separate and identical orders for each branch, such as the auction start order and the percentage discount for each of the goods in your stores and branches, just by giving a general order for all branches. You have to apply. Also assume that the customer goes to that branch to buy a specific product that is not available in one of the branches of your store. Using web-based software, you can quickly guide your customer to which of your branches to buy and Refer to the preparation of that product.

Another function of web-based store software is that the system can check the inventory and when the number of items is reduced and is close to the point of ordering the goods, notify the system manager that the time of ordering the items and the shipment. New has arrived.

Comprehensive and fast reports

A web-based store software can quickly and accurately report accurate values and components recorded in the system based on different time periods such as year, month, week, day and hour, it can also give you how to earn And show you the work and also you can easily achieve the amount of profit, sales, efficiency of employees and multiple reports with the push of a button and with proper management based on accurate reports, the system sales can be maximized.

Reducing administrative formalities

A store software helps to store all sales and purchases of all branches and stores in a database and report, thus eliminating the need for administrative formalities and traditional paper games to announce profits and sales. There are no other branches for each turn. Also, orders of different stores and each branch can be registered together and collectively, which issues fewer invoices and simplifies accounting operations.

Improving the sales situation

Web-based store software allows sales associates to access customer information from elsewhere. By inferring this information, they can review the archive of each customer’s past purchases so that they can purposefully create sales opportunities and bring them to the final stage, which is the definitive sale, and definitely increase their opportunities and those of the collection.

Better customer management

Each customer’s purchase information from each branch is easily accessible in a web-based store software. Due to the continuity of the database structure, in all centers, if each customer has bought from one of the branches one minute ago in all branches and centers, this factor can be followed. Apart from this, it is possible to use gift cards in all branches of chain stores, and this makes customers satisfied with this connection of data and information of branches.

You are always sitting in your office

If you’s the type of person who likes to work all the time, even when they are out of work, web-based e-commerce systems allow you to monitor and manage your business off-site. Do your job. With web-based store software, in addition to buying and selling your store, you can track orders, price and update system information, as well as detailed information in the form of accurate and specialized reports and charts to make management decisions. In fact, on a family or business trip, you are not disconnected from the collection under your management, and you can directly monitor the collection staff and the operation of your store from moment to moment. It does not matter if you are in a cafe on the other side of the city or on a plane flying to the farthest corner of the world or on an island by the beach, with a web-based store software you are always sitting in your office.

Given that web-based store software requires high-speed Internet to set up, you must have a good and high-speed Internet service to avoid any problems. In this system, in addition to the possibility of online use, there is also the ability to use offline and without the Internet. In such a case, whenever the Internet is connected, the work of exchanging information between the center and different branches takes place.

Business owners usually only pay attention to the price when buying cash registers, but what is more important than the price is the support of the purchased store software. Another important point for choosing store software is the possibility of personalizing and changing the software according to the work of the employer, which many companies providing store software are not able to do. This software offers you all the capabilities that you considered in the above article and is specialized for different guilds according to their needs.

Samvarz Warehouse Management Software

Warehousing is the storage of goods in one place. The stored goods are purchased from a manufacturer and then distributed or sold. Where and how the goods are stored depends on your business.

If your company is large, your warehousing will be done in a larger space, and if you have a small business, the products may be stored in a room, basement or even garage and you do not need transportation access.

But it should not be forgotten that warehousing is an important part of your company’s supply chain. Warehousing and warehousing affects everything from efficient inventory management to taking orders and delivering them to customers on time.

Samvarz production line management software

In manufacturing organizations, the conversion of materials into products is a continuous process, and any interruption in this process increases the overhead costs of production and the cost of products, and if this situation continues, the competitiveness of The production company takes over.

In order for a production organization to be able to use all its facilities and resources properly and at the right time, it needs careful planning of its resources.