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Shop Equipment

Mechanized store cash registers

A cash register is a mechanical or electronic device for calculating and recording transactions, and an attached drawer for storing cash. The cashier also prints a receipt number one for the customer.


The cash register was first invented by James Ritti after the American Civil War. She owned a restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, USA, and wanted to prevent employees from stealing her property. He invented the Ritty model in 1879 after inventing an instrument that counted the number of revolutions of a propeller in a steamship.. With the help of his brother John Ritti, he registered his patent in 1883.

In 1906, the inventor Charles F. While working for the National Store Fund Company, Catering designed a store box with an electric motor. The leading designer, manufacturer, manufacturer, seller, and exporter of store cash registers based in London (and later Brighton) from 1950 to 1970 was the Gross Cash Register, founded by brothers Sam and Henry Gross.

Store cash register

In most cases, the drawer can only be opened after one sale, except when certain keys are used, which are generally only available to the shop owner (unless other staff members are present). This reduces the risk of employees stealing from the shop owner when the customer receives the receipt, but should be given small change so that they can put the money in their pocket without a sales receipt.

Common uses

The cash register contains a key labeled “NS”, which stands for “We do not sell”, and opens the drawer, prints the receipt with the words “We do not sell” and records it in the office that was left open. Some other cash registers require a numeric password or physical key to be used when opening a cash register.

Cash drawer

A cash drawer is a compartment under a store cash register where cash from transactions is kept. The drawer typically contains a removable entry. The entry is usually divided into compartments to store the types of banknotes and coins used separately for easier counting.


Some companies and supermarkets have introduced their own payment machines, in which the customer reliably scans barcodes (or manually identifies unencrypted items, such as fruit), and packs them in a bag. The bag is weighed and the device is deactivated when the weight of something in the bag does not match its weight in the inventory database.

Fish printer machine

What is a receipt printer (heat printer) and how does it work?

Receipt printers are one of the most common output devices on a computer that are used to print information. Computer users, regardless of the type of use, may need to use a receipt printer at certain times. There are different types of receipt printers. Inkjet printers, monochrome lasers and color lasers are the three major groups of printers available. Each of the receipt printers (from inkjet receipt printers to laser receipt printers) has its own unique design and is designed for specific purposes and applications.

Barcode scanner device

Barcode scanner device

What is a two-dimensional barcode?

In recent years, the use of two-dimensional barcode technology in various manufacturing and service companies in order to jump into the market and sell products has been widely used. But is this necessary for you too? In this article, we will discuss what is the use of two-dimensional barcodes? Does your company need to use two-dimensional barcodes?

Label printer device

Label printer device

Looking at the mass production of products with brands and their high diversity and the use of barcodes and Iran, the product code and serial number for tracking and… need to be attached to the product label or Iran code and barcode to be in terms of internal systems and between Internationally it can be identified.

All manufacturers and importers of goods can design and print the required label of their goods with a simple system using a label printer, and there is no need to print the specifications of the goods on the packaging of the goods (carton, cellophane,…), because This requires printing in high circulation and is expensive, so you can use a label printer to print a separate label and barcode for each product and attach it.

Card Reader, Card Printer and RFID cards

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)

RFID or RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which is widely regarded as the latest identification technology in the world.
Nowadays, the need to automatically identify elements and collect data related to them without the need for human intervention to enter information in many areas of industry, science, services

Handheld device (PDA)

What is Handheld?

PDA or Hand-held is known as Pocket PC, Palmtop or Mobile Computer and its sales are still increasing. The most important use of these devices is personal information management (PIM). Personal Data Management (PIM) devices have become advanced devices with wireless communications. Most of these devices work with pens, and some even have voice recognition capabilities. The definition of “PDA” includes “smart” pagers, Internet devices, palm-sized computers (meaning palms, and refers to small computers that fit in the palm of the hand) and wearables.

digital Balance

What is a scale?

Digital scale is a device for determining the weight of objects that has been used by humans for various purposes for many years. In some cases, in addition to the total weight of objects, the combined weight of objects is also weighed by a scale, also known as a gold scale. At the time of weighing, scales, the weight of gold used in objects is weighed and specified, in another example, we can name the weight and weight composition of metal alloys.

The scales are one of the oldest measuring instruments, dating back to around 5000 BC. The scales are also small hints.

Money drawer

Money drawer

Store cash drawers in stores and hypermarkets are used to store cash in the form of banknotes and coins. This product is also known as store cash register, which is made in different types and is generally placed under the mechanized cash register (POS).

Caller ID device

Caller ID device

Calor ID is a device that is connected to several telephone lines on one side and by serial cable or on the other side USB It connects to the computer and if it is called from outside one of the lines, it sends the caller number to the computer and various software can use this number and do the relevant work.

Labels, ribbons, thermal rolls, labels, tags

Types of labels and their uses

Paper Label

Metal Label

Pvc Label

Transparent Label

Security Label

Asset Label

Back Metal Label

Void Label

Thermal Label

Tag Label

Tywac Label

Fabric Roll