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Features and software guide

Features and software guide

Features of Samvarz software

Samvarz software is a store automation software, which means that all activities that take place in the management of a store, including financial and services can be organized using this software and give them more speed and accuracy. Some of the functionalities of this software are as follows:

financial and accounting

  • Registration and issuance of pre-invoices and sales invoices and management and reporting separately from them
  • Report on sales status by hour, day, month and year and determine sales profit by invoice
  • Rial inventory report based on the latest method and weighted average with purchase and sale prices
  • Aggregate and disaggregated cost reports
  • And other types of reports

Goods and warehouse

  • Define goods indefinitely and group them
  • Define different warehouses and manage warehouse documents
  • Inventory report of goods by warehouse, date and aggregate
  • Manage and record remittances and warehouse receipts and orders from the warehouse
  • And other facilities


  • Defining customers and grouping them
  • Customer status report by different components
  • Sales report to customers separately and report their records
  • Customer reports based on groupings performed
  • Credit sales reports to customers

other facilities

  • Ability to use multiple printers simultaneously in the system
  • Print the barcode on a special label with a barcode printer
  • Build a backup of the database
  • Information reconstruction
  • calculator
  • Possibility of switch in fiscal year

Added capabilities of Samvarz software

The capabilities described here are available in the software, but the software also includes other special features that the customer can take advantage of by paying the amounts specified in the attached table. These features are as follows:

  • SMS panel connected to the software

Using this module, the store owner can send SMS to her customers according to her needs. These text messages can be based on a defined customer list, customer category, region, age category, or customer gender.

  • Color ID module

According to this feature, whenever a person contacts the store and her information has already been registered in the software, at the moment of the call, the complete information of the person appears on the sales invoice form. This information can include the type of customer, color and purchase history of that customer, and if the customer wants to buy, you can enter the invoice section for the customer from the same window.

  • Gift card module

With this feature, the store can consider gift and discount cards for its customers and apply these discounts in the amount or percentage of special cards. In this case, when the customer enters the store and makes a purchase, he uses the discounts using his card and These discounts are also considered separately in the financial statements.

  • Information transfer center and branch

This feature can be very useful for stores that have multiple branches. Based on that, a center is considered and all the information that each branch enters, including sales and inventory changes in the center can be seen. Also if the center changes the price of goods or services.

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