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About Samsirvan

Samsirvan System

Sam Sirvan Company with a team specializing in the production and development of software connected to the payment network, using the latest technology knowledge in the world and also in providing comprehensive solutions for management systems, software and specialized barcode-based hardware by equipping and mechanizing Stores, warehouses, commercial units, factories, institutions and public and private companies work with hundreds of users across the country.

Sam Sirvan system currently produces several software products and applications such as store software, barcode and RFID based tracking software, comprehensive navigation management software, and intelligent support management software.

It is worth mentioning that Sam Sirvan System Company, in cooperation with Damavand Card Electronic Company (PSP), provides various guilds with mechanized cash registers, smart scales and store software along with card readers connected to its store management software.

The company is ready to provide various services in the fields of sales, warehousing, capillary distribution, finance and tax by producing a supply chain system using cloud technology and using its equipped data center.

It is worth mentioning that Sam Sirvan system, by obtaining the necessary licenses from Shaparak Company as the official payment sponsor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the support of various online and offline services, hosts thousands of banking transactions daily.

Sam Sirvan Public Relations Company receives all suggestions and solutions from users and flexibly transfers them to the company’s production team. After aggregation, review and refinement at the end of each season, the collection of these suggestions in the form of a new version in Available to all users. The effort of all Sam Sirvan software engineering units is to provide the best engineered solution for mechanization and better management of union units.

Message from Managing Director

Sam Sirvan system is a combination of knowledge, expertise, experience to provide quality products and appropriate services to customers.The goal of Sam Sirvan System is the development of software connected to the payment network, using the knowledge of modern technology around the world. We believe that the development of Sam Sirvan system will not be achieved except by relying on capable and specialized human resources.

In this regard, striving for customer orientation, improving the quality of services, employee satisfaction and ensuring the benefits of users of the products and services provided, is not a slogan, but a belief for us.

Development of development policies in order to achieve the ultimate goal of Sam Sirvan system, which is to create the highest value for customers and obtain their maximum satisfaction with software and store equipment, is on our agenda, and for this purpose to increase productivity, continuous improvement, upgrade Knowledge and cost reduction are among the priorities and programs of Sam Sirvan system managers.

Meanwhile, Sam Sirvan system, as an economic enterprise and having useful experiences, has always tried to take steps towards its growth and excellence in order to have the opportunity to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers.


We do our best to offer our customers the lowest possible price, the best choice, and maximum comfort.


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