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Sam Sirvan System is one of the software producers in the country who, with the great efforts of experienced managers, joined hands with the creative youth of this region to be able to better serve all our dear compatriots in order to grow and develop their work. To be.

Now, with all these efforts, we intend to be able to be glorious and powerful in your business at all times.

about us

Reliable support

The life of a software depends on providing support services, so providing support services at the highest level is the main agenda of Sam Sirvan.

Comprehensive reports

Provides management with sales reports, how to sell, the amount of discounts, reports required by the Tax Administration and the warehouse and customer club.


Samvarz has been produced using the latest programming method and the facilities of the retail industry have been scientifically analyzed and implemented.

easy usage

Samvarz is designed in such a way that all people with any level of computer knowledge can use it with one training.

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Sam Sirvan Support Services

No product can be trusted by users without support.


Remote support is one of the fastest services available to customers to solve potential problems faster. If the customer has high-speed Internet, this service can be provided without the presence of experts at the customer’s place and using new communication technology.

Experts connect to the user’s system to solve problems.

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Using the most advanced software call centers as well as experienced experts present in the support center, this center provides support and consulting services by phone during working hours. The existence of this service, which responds to hundreds of customer calls daily, causes customer trust and eliminates possible problems in the shortest possible time, and is one of the most popular services of Sam Sirvan Support Center.




Direct support center number: 9-43489148

Sam Sirvan, as one of the pioneers of companies producing store software, warehousing and accounting in Iran, has provided support services through Sam Sirvan’s website. Dear customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by visiting Sam Sirvan’s website, you can benefit from the following various services, each of which has its own advantages:

•Send a ticket
•Answers to questions
• Membership
• Download required files

This service is provided to the customer in situations where the user is not able to solve the problem, or it is not possible to connect remotely to the user’s device, or the user insists on the presence of experts at the customer’s location due to concern and ease.

Those interested in receiving this service can use this service after contacting the support center and making an appointment.

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Some business covered

Powerful support, accurate team, sense of responsibility

We are always ready to send and express your opinions about the software to improve it.

Small shops

integrated management system
Full version of store software with the ability to connect to a variety of store poses and various facilities for sales management, customer management, sending and receiving text messages, creating credit cards, online reporting
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Chain stores

Manage multiple branches
The store version of Samvarz software has been designed and produced for the simultaneous management of several branches that are scattered in different cities, along with a central reporting system, easy-to-use, support and continuous training.

Industrial warehouses

Warehouse management
Software for controlling the entry and exit of goods to the warehouse with the help of data collection devices from consulting to full implementation along with the labeling system is suitable for mechanizing warehouses of products, raw materials, parts, etc.
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Technical features of the software

Samvarz software has been formed by using new programming technologies that offer capabilities such as high speed, powerful features, etc. to its users.

NET Platform.




SQL Server 2017

Stimul – MS Reporting Service

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Get the software and hardware your business needs.


Benefit from the support services of Sam Sirvan system and grow your business.

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